Flat Pack

Your customers demand high-quality, lower cost wipes and you need the flexibility to stay in front of a very dynamic, competitive environment. With this in mind, PCMC has developed a high throughput, efficient line of wet wipes machines for producing pre-treated or moistened wipes in a variety of fold configurations.

The Clipper series offers interfolded and non-interfolded flat pack wet wipes.  Patented technology allows interconnection of clips to make pop up stacks.  It offers quick changeover wetting and folding modules with the flexibility to accommodate virtually any flat-pack format.  Utilizing the latest Rockwell drives and controls allows for a low maintenance state-of-the-art design. These machines are modular and will grow with your business to increase capacity and productivity.

Cut-off Length



102 mm - 304 mm (4” - 12”) 

Maximum Web Width



320 mm (12.6”)

Folded Sheet Width



77 mm - 160 mm (3” - 6.3”)

Fold Type



Z, C, J, V-Z, W-Z, W and others

Fold Format




Stack Height



135 mm (5.3”) and 165 mm (6.5”)


  • Antonio Guarisco

    Product and Applications Leader

    p. 920-491-6649

    e. antonio.guarisco@pcmc.com

  • Compact machine designed to grow with your business
  • Quick changeover wetting and folding stations maximize up-time
  • Flexible—accommodates virtually every flat-pack format
  • Rockwell drives and controls
  • Versatile—runs a wide range of materials
  • Count versatility allows for running a wide range of jobs— frequent changeovers or extended runs
  • Production-reliable design reduces maintenance
  • Up to 12, 24 or 100 webs
  • Optional Clip adhesion on some models
  • Patented stack adhesion technology

Clipper chart