You need to produce the highest quality wipes efficiently and economically; Marlin Pro will help you do that. You want to differentiate from the competition with high production excellence and superiority; Marlin Pro is your selection.

The Marlin Pro was designed as a low cost option for crossfolding wet wipes. The machine offers a cutoff range not available with conventional vacuum folders. Hygiene, cleaning, and maintenance concerns normally associated with a vacuum folder are eliminated. The 4-lane machine has a variable length cutoff range and a mechanical tucker assembly to accomplish the crossfold. The machine will provide stacking of the product in desired counts and discharge them. Four stacks are discharged at once to a discharge conveyor that then discharges the stacks in line for packaging.


  • Antonio Guarisco

    Product and Applications Leader

    p. 920-491-6649


  • Continuous and smooth welds
  • Wet areas resistant to solution and sanitation chemicals
  • Sloped and spherical surfaces
  • All clamps are stainless steel
  • Machine racks out for complete access during sanitization
  • All motors are located on the same side, outside of wet area
  • Pivoting HMI accesses all sides of this low profile machine
  • Operator can safely enter the folder during setup and cleaning
  • Visual access to complete process
  • Count fingers, discharge, stripper fingers at hand
  • Folding plate tilts out of way for effortless blade changes
  • Tucker and vacuum port are within reach
  • Low volume vacuum system results in minimal waste; improves operation efficiency
  • Multiple unwinds can eliminate slitting; allows for manageable inventories
  • Compact footprint minimizes floor space needs
  • Lower waste design provides lowest cost wipe
  • Dual wetting system
  • Various unwind widths designs
  • Auto-splice unwinds
  • Vacuum kit
  • 2-wide and 4-wide options
  • After fold wetting
Marlin Pro specs